Car: desuk and sammie

Date: 01-04-2017

Name: Nippon Classic Cars

Location: Ugchelen

Show times: desuk 1,sammie 1,Lucky angel 1, B-engel 0

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                                  2017 Nippon Cars

Car: Lucky Angel and Bengel

Date: 29-04-2017

Name: Katwijk Beach

Location: Katwijk (zuid Holland)

Show times: Desuk 1, Sammie 1. Lucky Angel:2, B-engel: 2 

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Car: Desuk and Lucky Angel

Date: 06-05-2017

Name: 4e Oldtimer Truckersparade

Location: Oldebroek

 Show times: Desuk 1, Sammie: 1, Lucky Angel:1, B-engel: 0

                             Oldtimers Truckersparade


Car: Desuk

Date: 01-07-2017

Name: Puttense Automobiel Parade

Location: Putten 

 Show times: Desuk 8, Sammie 3   Lucky Angel:1, B-engel: 1


Car: Desuk

Date: 02-07-2017

Name: JCS

Location: Gemert

 Show times:  Desuk 3, Sammie 3, Lucky Angel: 0, B-engel: 0



Car: Desuk and Lucky Angel

Date: 25-07-2017

Name: Car Show

Location: Katwijk

 Show times: Desuk 3, Sammie 3 Lucky Angel: 2, B-engel: 0