Merk Suzuki                       

   Model: Samurai-Rhino
   year of build: 1991                   
Color: white
transmission: manual, 5 speed
drive: rear wheel, Enabled 4 x 4 high and low gear, what
weight: 995 kg
license plate: 1991 to 2005 grey badge, since 2005, yellow badge to the body are no adjustments done.
In original paint
damage, rear right, at sill, let restore,
old lpg loophole and lacquered again modifications:
brakes: brake disc around 410 gears in the between-bake (delay 10%), with hand brake-drum.
Tyres: 30 inch Feather: 3 1/2 inch.
leaf springs, shock-absorbers, increases (Trail Master) extends (Trail Master)
5 cm, alluminium Body lift blocks Extended handlebar renovation projects of desuk STAINLESS STEEL stainless steel STAINLESS STEEL support Rod
adjustments: extended brake lines, (under the gearbox)
STAINLESS STEEL stabilistatiestang, with Chrome or nickel plated nickel plated,
nickel plated protective adaptation: swings 5 cm plate,
rear right, gasoline hose to the tank Air-intake, on the carburetor let chrome plating.
Upholstery: Chairs again coated (veneer (black/blaur), with nickname desuk intakes embroidery.
Let sun visors with the name of desuk intakes embroidery.
Softtop (2012), with tinted Windows Other adjustment:
new antenna for the radio,
Jerry can holder, welded to the rear door. Lettering on the Jerry can. Beacon (orange), mounted on a Jerry
can holder.
Traanplaaten (L/R), to Lampenbar, with 4 Hella lights, sill glued verchoomd (4 x 100 Watts), wiring is concealed push bar, back light, 2 x large in chrome finish, (later city lights built in) 2 x 27 mc antenna,
1 at push bar, 1 behind reseve wheel (backup antenna)