It was the 4th time for the Organization and for us the first time.

                 "Oldtimers Truckers Parade 2017".

Beautiful rise and a great roadtrip around Oldebroek, Netherlands.

As you are used to, a full series of shots.
YouTube movie is in the works.

** We want to thank the Organization for this day and who knows next year **



                   The arrival and departure of the Roadtrip


               Suzuki flag :-)

Was a long time ago that Lucky angel called me with a tour


   Photo from Peter Immikhuizen ( Thanks Peter )



                      Linet was there too, with Lucky angel

                                                                              And me :-)


                                     On the road

                          The stop on the way


                              arrival oldebroek




                     It entertained, of a singer


                      good friends, with team






                                           the square